How do invoice payments work?

Basically, I can add my products to paypal as an invoice, so you know more clearly what you are paying for. After the commission is confirmed I will send an invoice for you to pay. This invoice will have a required half payment upfront and then the last half of the final payment when I finish your illustration(s). I can cancel, adjust , and remind commissioners any invoices before final payment is made if neccesary.
For more information on invoices go here

Do you accept tips?

Yes! Paypal's invoice function allows me to enable commissioners to tip me. It is not required, but highly appreciated!

What are you not willing to draw?

What I am willing to draw ✓ • Furries & Anthro • Complicated armor • Nudity • Animals What I will not draw ✗ • Pornography • Cars • Mechas • Fullbody Paintings • Complicated backgrounds What I love to draw ♡ • Cute characters • Graphical assets • Concept art • Painted portraits

Can you help me design my character?

I will not help design a character from scratch.
What I suggest is using a character creation site such as Monster Girl Maker, Rinmarugames Avatar creator or Dreamselfy and then creating a description for your character. I also highly reccomend having something in mind before approaching me for a commission!

Can I commission an animation?

I am not currently selling animated commissions but if you need something super simple (under 5 frames, tweened gif, etc..) Email me and we will talk!

Can you create my ... T-shirt Design, Album Art, Logo?

If you are willing to pitch ideas and allow me to make a price, shoot me an email!
(I am allowed to decline commissions if need be)