What programs do you use?

I use the latest Photoshop CC to draw and animate. I also use the latest Adobe After Effects CC to edit my videos!

What do you use for audio?

For my mic, I use a blue yeti, and edit my audio with Audacity and Wavepad

What drawing tablet do you use?

I currently use a Gaomon PD 2200 and sometimes I draw with my 10 inch ipad pro and apple pencil.

Do you stream your art?

I stream my art on Youtube every so often, I plan to make a stream schedule sometime in the future. You should join us, it's such a fun time!

What are your brush settings?

Procreate and Photoshop brushes are available on my Patreon with a pledge of 1 dollar!

Do you have a discord?

I do! https://discord.gg/umrv6Rf

How do I Commission you?

Please email me at Apselenecommissions@yahoo.com with an item chosen from my commission info sheet please!
Only paypal invoices are accepted

What are some tips to improve in art?

The best tips I can give you is to practice always and learn from real life.
If you love and have confidence in what you do you will improve quickly!